With all the possible solutions DEI carries, it can be hard to tell which one to go with. The chart below outlines where each of our sleeving products stands, what they do, and where they'll be most effective.


  Heat Shroud™ Heat Sheath™ Heat Shroud GOLD™ Heat Sheath GOLD™ Vapor Block™ Ultra 47™ Sheath Cool Tube™ Cool Tube Extreme™ Aluminium Plug Wire Sheath   Fire Sleeve & Tape Kit Protect-A-Wire™ Titanium™ Protect-A-Sleeve EXO Sleeve™ Fire Wrap 3000™   Hi-Temp Shrink Tubes Easy Loom™
Direct Contact 500°F 500°F 600°F 600°F 340°F 400°F 400°F 500°F 500°F   500°F 500°F 700°F 500°F 500°F   275°F 350°F
Radiant Heat
(2" from heat source)
900°F 900°F 1000°F 1000°F 425°F 700°F 600°F 650°F 900°F   900°F 800°F 1100°F 900°F 900°F   275°F 500°F
Temporary Heat Spike 2000°F 2000°F 1500°F 1500°F 500°F 1200°F 700°F 750°F 2000°F   2000°F 1100°F 1800°F 2000°F 2000°F   350°F 600°F
Material Aluminized Glass Fiber Aluminized Glass Fiber Metalized Polymide Metalized Polymide Laminated Glass Fiber Aluminized Impregnated Fiber Aluminized Glass Fiber over Coil Aluminized Glass Fiber over Coil Glass Fiber   Silicone Rubber over Glass Fiber Glass Fiber Basalt Fiber Silicone Rubber over Glass Fiber Silicone Rubber over Glass Fiber   Polyolefin Nylon 6
Max Diameter Available  2.5 inch 1.5 inch 1.25 inch 2.25 inch 0.5 inch 1.25 inch 0.75 inch 1.5 inch 0.75 inch   1 inch 10 mm 2 inch 1 inch 1.5 inch   3 inch 1.5 inch
Abrasion Protection (Offroad)                                  
Chemical Protection            
Handles Tight Bends                  
Reinforced Structure                          
Install Without Disconnecting Line                        
Form Fitting                                
Available in Bulk Lengths                
Heat Shrink Ends
Silicone Tape
Primary Use Fuel Lines - - - Fuel Lines - - - Spark Plug Boots   - - - - -   - Electrical Wires
Electrical Wires      
Speedometer Cable        
Ignition Cables                        
Spark Plug Boots                                  
Radiator Hoses                
Oil Lines            
Brake/Trans Lines      
Fuel Lines