DEI is a pioneer in the automotive performance industry. Whether you're trying to make your ride run faster, better, more safely, or just trick it out, we've got the gear to make your ride rock!

Universal Catalytic Converter Shield solves the problem of missing catalytic converter heat shields. It prevents possible fires and is less expensive than replacing the entire converter when all you need is the shield. Replace your missing or rattling...
Versa Shields™ solve the problem of failing starters and other components due to heat soak. Versa Shield was designed to protect starters from potential failure caused by under hood heat soak conditions. Constructed using an aluminized heat...
As low as $532.05
CryO²™ is a revolutionary product designed to reduce air and fuel temperatures thus creating power. Through the science of aerodynamics and cryogenics, Design Engineering has developed a system to harness the cryogenic properties of liquid...
Design Engineering's next generation method of chilling the temperature of fuel before entering the intake stream - the CryO² Fuel Chiller System! The new CryO² Fuel Chiller System uses the cryogenic properties of liquid CO² to charge a...
The CryO² Intercooler Sprayer Kit includes everything needed to enhance the intercooler's thermal transfer ability and improve its efficiency by as much as 50%. Kit includes 10 lb. tank and brackets, Cryogenic solenoid valve, 14 ft. stainless...
As low as $197.65
The CryO²™ patented* Air Intake consists of an aerodynamically designed bulb with a cryogenic chamber which is mounted in a short segment of air tube. Air is cooled as it passes over the bulb, resulting in a cooler, denser, more powerful...
As low as $96.19
The CryO²™ Fuel Bar is a billet aluminum extension to the fuel line with a cryogenic chamber. The bar is charged with liquid CO₂ and freezes to -80°F. Heat is removed from the fuel as it passes through resulting in a colder denser fuel...
As low as $110.61
CryO²™ Intercooler Sprayers mount directly to the front of air-to-air intercoolers and serves as a way to vent the liquid CO₂ directly onto the cooling fins thus, enhancing the performance of the intercooler by more than 50% eliminating...
DEI's CryO² Intercooler Water Sprayer Kit was designed to be used by itself or in conjunction with DEI's CryO² Intercooler Sprayers as a way to supercool intercoolers. By wetting an intercooler's surface with the Water Sprayer and...
As low as $37.16
Kit includes necessary components to mount a wide open throttle switch. Universal mounting bracket included to allow for multiple mounting angles. Arming switch and purge switch also are included in this kit.
As low as $12.76
A purge blast of CO₂ will turn heads, command attention and crank up the wow factor a few notches. Some suggested mounting locations for a CryO² single or dual purge valve include hood scoops, front grille, air vents and fender wells - anywhere...
CryO² accessories are precision made from the finest materials then meticulously tested to perform at the highest level possible.
As low as $12.76
Sleeves are available in 2.5", 3", 3"-2.5" reducer, and a 4.5"-4" reducer. Black 2.5" or 3" I.D.
10 lb. tank measures 6-3/4" Dia. base, 20" tall.
Now there's a way to control the flow of CO₂ with a separate On and Off cryogenic Adjustable Timer Switch. Each control can be set from two tenths of a second up to 20 seconds offering numerous duration settings. Depending on the selected settings, a 10...
As low as $24.86
CryO²™ bottles and accessories are precision made from the finest materials then meticulously tested to perform at the highest level possible.
As low as $26.02
Stainless Steel braided lines with Teflon core. -4 AN f 1/8 NPT m Lines are female to male 080201 - 14ft line is female to female
Shown here with a pair of Stainless Steel Braided Hose lines, The CryO² Line Splitter is made to work with Dual CryO² Intercooler sprayers or purges.
CryO² 1000 Psi solenoid - Teflon seal- 1/8" female in and out ports
CryO² tank nut assembly CGA320 x 4AN Includes washer, CGA320 x ¼" NPT adapter, and ¼" NPT x 4AN fitting