Project Vehicles

Drifting a high horsepower 3,000 pound sports car…easy. Try it in a 10,000 pound purpose built Semi Truck….not so easy. DEI sponsored Racer / Stunt Man Mike Ryan has driven this truck to 12 Pikes Peak Hill Climb Championships and decided it’s time to show his skills and the capabilities of his race truck on the original Gymkhana location at El Toro Marine Base in CA ala Ken Block.

Mike was also feature on a recent episode of Carcast with Adam Carolla. The website feature an audiocast (or "podcast"), multiple videos and a photo album of Adam Carolla, Mike Ryan and the semi.



Immediately after receiving his driver’s license, Jerad Busbin was interested in performance cars.  Quickly introduced to the tuner scene at age 18, he began dirtying his fingers modifying his 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse.  Basic bolt-ons were the start.  It would not end there though.  The initial performance spark ignited an inferno which would lead Jerad to Indian River Community College.  There he enrolled in their automotive technician program.  In short time, the Eclipse tragically lost a timing belt.  A stock-spec rebuilt was out of the question.  The engine received a list of performance aftermarket goodies including forged pistons, Crower cams, racing valve springs and retainers, and a tune to support the mods.  Jerad never raced the Eclipse; he felt it just didn’t have enough power.  A turbo was now in order.  That would not happen, though.  Unfortunately, he realized the high compression ratio and all motor cams would not be turbo friendly.  Jerad is not hesitant to say that he spent way too much money on the Eclipse.  But it was a great starter car to learn on, and he doesn’t regret any of it.



Owner: Fred Lynch; Location: Oakdale, CA; Vehicle: 2001 VW Passat; Power: 344HP with 322lb-ft;
Written by Mark Pereire; Photos by Fred Lynch

ARC AUDIO 2001 VOLKSWAGON PASSATAlthough most automotive enthusiasts enjoy customizing their cars, it takes a truly determined individual to dedicate the massive amount of time and resources needed to build the vehicle of their dreams. Enthusiast Fred Lynch has been obsessed with building his 2001 Volkswagen Passat into a personal work of art and it shows. Lynch has been involved in many extravagant builds appearing in our magazine for car audio manufacture ARC Audio and this one aimed to top them all.

This project originally started back in November of 2000 with Lynch buying his new 2001 VW Passat (originally purchased as a daily driver while his other vehicle was being built for sound quality competition circuits. Lynch still claims he never planned to modify his Passat but a call from a close friend to build a demo car for the 2001 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) changed everything.



Bryan Young, a former defensive tackle for the New Orleans Saints football organization, was referred to Victory Racing by our New Orleans sales representative Andrew Herold. Andrew and Brian had been speaking for a while about a 2010 Camaro SS that would stand out in the training camp parking lot. We had the good folks at Revolution Styling Group put together a few renderings of different options for color, wheels, and interior. We went back and forth over the next week or two, finalized on a game plan and Brian gave us the go ahead.

We opted to build a single 76mm turbo monster that would hold it's own on the drag strip as well as the car shows. With just under 5 weeks it was definitely going to be tight, but we wanted to deliver the vehicle to Bryan before the end of training camp. So after 5 long weeks we ended up in sunny New Orleans on a beautiful Saturday morning to drop off Brian's new toy. The car was debuted at the hotel all the players were staying at for training camp, and was a instant hit. Even with 4 or 5 new Camaros in the lot Bryan Young's was definitely the stand out...



UPDATED SEPT 13: Unfortunately our concerns of weak head gaskets were verified once truck was on the dyno and making boost. For the street tune on pump gas the truck made 650rwhp on 16lbs of boost. We called it a day once we realized it couldn't handle boost without pressurizing the coolant system. Still decent results on blown head gaskets!!!

Rick Erdman came out for a few days and was extremely helpful and a real genuine great person. We are going to pull the motor and while replacing the head gaskets we will use that as good time to replace the JE pistons with Diamond pistons (ceramic coated) and replace the Eagle rods with Oliver or Manley. That way the truck will handle the power we want to make with confidence and might as well push for 1000hp...