Project Vehicles

Tim Strange's 2011 Chevy 3500 Crew CabCheck out Tim Strange’s Boom Mat Thermal Acoustic Control  products equipped, 2011 Chevy 3500 Crew Cab 4x4 in the March issue of Diesel World Magazine.

For more information on Tim Strange and his company Strange Motion Rod & Custom Construction Inc., visit his website.



DEI Titanium Turbo Shield was featured on V8TV's S71 Olds Project. Check out the video below!

For the rest of this install series and more from V8TV, visit their YouTube Page



Randy Simmons' and his Hudson project raced the Mojave Mile recently and have been featured in an event video. Check it out below.

The Hudson project was sponsored by the Michael-Ryan Pattison Foundation and developed to be quadriplegic and paraplegic accessible. The 1947 Hudson Race Truck was designed and built by Randy Simmons, a California entrepreneur and inventor specializing in robotic engineering.

Click Here to learn more about Randy Simmons Hudson Project



Marty McGuire's Second Chance - 1970 CamaroMarty McGuire and Carter Hickman have been talking about rebuilding a 1970 Camaro for over 2 years now. It's a project that Marty is finally ready to take on. The goal with this car is to build a car that anyone can build, but to put all of his own little ideas into it that set his Camaro apart from the crowd. The 1970 Camaro was chosen for the build because parts are readily available, and when you're building on a budget that's extremely important.

Marty has set up a build blog with the intention to teach his followers what he has learned from his previous build and show you how to save money... or how to spend more because you want the coolest parts on the planet!

Marty's first step was to find a car...

Project Sneak Peek



DEI BoomMat Floor and Tunnel Shield IIOver the past year with our new motorhome we have been battling high heat issues between the driver and passenger seats where the large Ford V-10 engine is located.  Although the motor is covered with a thick carpeted housing with “factory” insulation placed around the engine, said areas get very warm and uncomfortable during road-trips, which fans and air-conditioning can’t seem to keep cool.

This past Saturday we took said housing apart to install the DEI BoomMat Floor & Tunnel Shield II to help significantly reduce temperatures in the “cockpit” area of our motorhome.