Team DEI Sponsorship Program

The importance of grassroots marketing can never be underestimated. Design Engineering continues it's efforts of supporting local, national and international racer, project and show vehicle owners.

How do I get sponsored and become a part of Team DEI?

Product sponsorship is available in various levels to those who qualify. Over the years, Design Engineering sponsorship programs have been a proven method of building brand awareness and two-way communications between the factory and racer for valuable product feedback, while cultivating long term relationships with racers and vehicle builders alike.

To become a member of Team DEI, you need to be involved in racing or project/show vehicle building in some way. It could be hot rods, stock cars, classics, funny cars, motorcycles, dragsters, go carts, or lawn mowers... It doesn't make a difference, as long as you're out there!

We request that everyone interested in becoming a member of TEAM DEI starts by filling out and submitting a sponsorship application to get started. From that point a DEI employee will evaluate your application and get back to you. Upon acceptance to TEAM DEI you will be mailed your TEAM DEI member starter kit. It will include a formal letter welcoming you to the DEI Team, a few vinyl stickers for your racer (whatever it may be) and other items.

All we ask in return is that you revisit our website here and submit updates filling us in on your progress throughout the season. It is preferred that DEI recieves an update for each event/publication but we know your busy so, a minimum of 1 update a month is satisfactory during the event season.

Team DEI Support Overview

As Motorsport enthusiasts, Design Engineering Inc. is committed to supporting Motorsports activities at all levels of racing. We look for individuals and teams that show the same level of passion and commitment that we have here at DEI. We look for people who will represent the DEI brand in a professional manor. In return, DEI gains real-world application data, increased brand awareness, and additional content for marketing activities. Our sponsorship program is open to all types of vehicles including automobiles, motorcycles, ATV’s, watercraft, and even snowmobiles. DEI understands that there are many levels of competition and we have a range of sponsorship options available. All sponsorship agreements automatically expire at the end of each calendar year, so applications for sponsorship consideration must be submitted annually. Below is a list of requirements that must be met in order to be considered for a DEI Sponsorship Program.

Proposal Package

  • Driver/Owner Information & Contact Information
  • Driver/Rider ResumeVehicle information – Pictures, Specifications, Modifications of vehicle, transporter, driver, and owner
  • Sponsor List – Current and past sponsorship references including type of sponsorship and direct contact person name and information for each company

Media & Event Data

  • Current show schedule of committed events for the year ahead
  • Current media coverage: magazines, TV, web, photo shoots, etc.
  • Past 12 months of events attended and the coverage from the events

Commitment Details

  • Summary outlining in detail how you will promote DEI products and DEI as a brand
  • Decal location – DEI requires tastefully placed decals that enhance the aesthetics of the sponsored vehicle that will be clearly displayed and visible from all angles with a minimum of two locations
  • Vehicles that cannot display decals must have decals on a sign board by vehicle and on the trailer
  • Monthly follow up emails with feedback and images on the products and event details

Contract Agreement & Release

  • DEI considers sponsorship a unique business opportunity that benefits both parties and requires a signed contract agreement
  • DEI requires a signed release from each sponsored vehicle authorizing the use of any images or content provided to DEI free of copyrights to be used as deemed necessary by DEI
  • DEI requires that the entire sponsorship commitment be documented from product installation, event images and videos to comments and feedback files including PDF files of articles or media and press releases related to the sponsored vehicle throughout the duration of sponsorship. Updated information is required at least once a month
  • Social media plays an important role in promoting the DEI products. We strongly encourage participation in social media including a “like” of the DEI Facebook page

Request a Sponsorship. Race. Report In.

E-mail any questions you have to