Russ Morseman Racing September Update

Russell Morseman Racing UpdateLast two weekends of racing have been great.
The weekend before last we Started out the night with a bad draw (drew 42/50) Which started me 9th in my heat. I quickly drove up to third where i was running down the leaders but ran out of time and ended up 2nd . I redrew 12th for the feature and car was fast, I made it up to and finished 7th. It was an awesome night.

This past weekend we started out the night as usual with a bad draw (39/50). It was championship night at Woodhull Raceway. I started 7th in my heat and drove up to a hard earned 4th place finish which landed me a redraw for the feature. I redrew 8th. I quickly made it to 3rd place and was all over the front two cars but with a late race caution  my tires cooled down too much and I ended up losing two spots and finishing 5th. I am so excited for next season as I have the car running excellent and handling great and look to improve my shock package for next year and I will be right up from week in week out and contending for the championship. It's been great as I haven't finished outside the top ten the second half of the season and actually only finished out of the top 5 twice. I hope we can work together again in 2017 and look forward to promoting you guys again.

Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support couldn't do this without you.

Thanks again,
Russ Morseman

3-Time Track Champion
2014 Woodhull Raceway Sportsman Track Champion
2013 Woodhull Raceway Sportsman King Of The Ring Champion
2012 Woodhull Raceway Sportsman Modified Rookie of the year
2011 Blackrock Speedway Sportsman Modified Rookie of the year
2009,2010 Woodhull Raceway Street Stock Track Champion

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