GreenSpeed Update and Video

Hello all,

It's been a while since you all heard from us, but there IS a reason: we've been SUPER busy working on improvements to the truck. We are putting together a new engine, a "common-rail" that will allow on-the-fly tunes for different fuels, so that we can set records for not just vegetable oil, but petroleum diesel and bio-diesel as well.

While the hunt for parts for this engine is still on-going, the chassis has been undergoing major revisions as well. Patrick and Dave got credit last semester for redesigning the front suspension geometry into something that is much more suitable for a landspeed vehicle (versus something that had to be designed for driving around a parking lot). The design was fully conceptualized in Solidworks during the semester and sent out to have all the parts cut with a CNC laser. These parts are now being assembled and can be seen in the pictures below.

The body just received a spiffy new paint job from Mike and Jen last weekend. A solid bright white was applied inside and out in preparation for the wrap that has been donated. The truck will look 100 times better than it did last year. We are still trying to get a spot in a hallway at the SEMA show, so feel free to put in a good word for us!

Along with lots of work, this summer has brought a handful of new sponsors as well. We would like to formally welcome Snap-on Tools, Baer Brakes, GoPro, Painless Performance, Be Cool Radiators, Alligator Performance, Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oils, HardBlok, Signs2U, Seametrics, Intercomp, Idaho Industrial Hardware, GSL Soda Blast,  and Moon Eyes to the Greenspeed family! More are in the works, but not finalized. It is thanks to all of you (new and existing) that this project has been possible.

More good news is that a new trailer for the Greenspeed documentary has been released!! It can be viewed here:

The Greenspeed Team