El Marinero Borracho

El Marinero BorrachoThe showbike "El Marinero Borracho" is the creation of Christian de Kant of DK Motorrad. Born out of his passion for Japanese bike culture and the spanish language, this bike is loud, low, and fast! It took Christian 6 months to complete El Marinero Borracho. "Over here in Switzerland building a custom bike is very slow." he says, "Cool parts are hard to find and local shops hardly have anything in stock."

Christian says his addiction with vintage Harleys started in high school. Born in Germany but going on 10 years in Switzerland, Christian has been building bikes since the age of 16. Past projects include a 47 WLa 71 rigid ironhead and couple of newer Harleys.

Multiple future projects are in the works including a 71 shovel and a 47 Knuck.

DEI PRODUCTS: Christian wrapped the pipes of El Marinero Borracho with DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap.

Type: Shovel FLH 1977
Ingition: Morris Magneto
Starter: Kick
Size: 1340
Cams: Redshift
Carburator: S&S Super E
Air Filter: DK Motorrad
Exhaust: 2-2 DK Motorrad

Shifter: Revtech
Gears: 4
Primary: 3“ BDL
Final: Chain

Brand: Paugcho
Type: Wishbone

Diameter: 18“ x 2.15“
Brand: V Twin
Rubber: Firestone

Diameter: 16“ x 3“
Brand: V Twin
Rubber: Firestone
Brake: Drum

Brand: HD
Type: Springer

HandleBar: DK MotorradZbars
Risers: None
Grips: Nostalgic Grip
RearFender: DK Motorrad Ribbed Fender
Controls: DK Motorrad
Headlight: Unity Ford fog lamp
Rear light: Stoplight
GasTank: BaasMetalKraft Alien
Seat: Bates Vintage

Type: BareMetal with black/goldleaf scallops and lettering by OfficineMannaia

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