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Hello May Motorsports Sponsors,

We are just checking in with our race weekend recap.  We competed this past weekend with the ISMA (International Super Modified Association) group for a two day event at Sandusky Speedway.  We were lucky the weather cooperated and we were able to get both shows in.  And what a show they were in front of a packed house with exciting racing, especially Saturday night.  It was great to be a fan this past weekend at Sandusky Speedway for sure! 

Quick Topline Summary:
Friday Night 50 Laps:  Finished 12th (#7 Charlie Schultz) and 15th (#77 AJ Lesiecki)
Saturday Night 100 Laps:  Finished 10th (#77 AJ) and DNS due to motor issues (#7 Charlie)

The following are the official racing recaps from both days.

ISMA Supermodifieds - Friday July 29 – ISMA 50 Laps
by Carol D Haynes, ISMA PR; photos by Jim Feeney



Hello May Motorsports Fans,

Charlie Schultz of May Motorsports - 2013 Racing SeasonHappy to report a #7 Charlie Schultz win at Sandusky Speedway last night and what a race!!!   Lots of red this week in the race recap, because on this particular night at Sandusky Speedway as David and I sat in the stands, we knew from the drop of the green that we had a car on the track that could compete for the win and Charlie made that happen sitting up on that wheel and taking the checker flag.  Needless to say a good night for the May Motorsports team and a real morale booster for the entire team.

The following is the official race recap and enclosed you will find some pictures.

“Chargin” Charlie cleans up at Sandusky MSA event

Todd Ridgeway
Area Auto racing News
August 19, 2013



Hello May Motorsports fans,

We are checking in with our race weekend recap.  The supers hit Midvale Speedway with many cars breaking the track record from last year and both of our cars were part of that group.  Our cars qualified 3rd and 4th and feature line up had them at 7th and 13th.  #77 Matt Marlowe car ended up getting taken out during his heat and getting taken off the track on a hook.  Well the team thrashed and finished just in time for the feature and thus the reason for the last place feature starting position.  Our 30- lap feature ended with a 4th and 7th place finish.  
Next up for our team is this upcoming Saturday the 24th at Sandusky
The following is the official race recap:

Shullick Midvale Master, Wins Memorial Race

Todd Ridgeway
Area Auto Racing News
August 17, 2013



Hello May Motorsports fans,

Been awhile since our last post, our month of July racing schedule was a little light and add in a rain cancellation and makes for a quiet month.  We did compete in an International Supermodified racing event where we finished Friday night with a 5th and 10th place finish.  On Saturday night finished 4th and DNS as we experienced motor issues following Hot Laps.  When competing with ISMA (International Supermodified Association) this is the best of the best from all over the country including drivers and owners from Canada, California, Tennessee, North Carolina (Johnny Benson former NASCAR truck champion) and many New England, Ohio and New York cars.

This past weekend we competed in our regular racing series Midwest Supermodified Association (MSA) at Lorain County Speedway.  We qualified 3rd with Charlie Schultz in the #7 car beating his personal best to date at that track with a 12.1 and Matt Marlowe in the #77 with his personal best at a 12.4.  Feature starting positions 6th and 10th with both moving up three spots.

The following is the official race recap.



Hello May Motorsports Sponsors,

Mother Nature played a little havoc in Sandusky this past weekend.  We were able to get qualifying in with #77 Matt Marlowe being 3rd quickest and #7 Charlie Schultz at 12th.  We bypassed heats and went straight to Feature, where Charlie finished 3rd and Matt at 7th.   We are still trying to get the cars dialed in and are trying new and different ways on set up.  The following is a brief recap of the nights events.

Shullick Jr. Sandusky MSA Domination Supreme

Todd Ridgeway
Area Auto Racing News
June 22, 2013