ASPHALT WARS @ Thompson Raceway Park

August 20, 2011 brought us to the next event on our 2011 schedule:  Asphalt Wars at Thompson Raceway Park.  Heading into the race we were uncertain if our DEI / Ny-Trex nitrous entry would be among the top eight qualifiers for the event due to the amount of quick “supercharged” dragsters who have been competing in the series this year and the solid numbers they have been recording.

We started the trip to Thompson at 10:30 AM (85+ degrees outside - great conditions to put our DEI Boom Mat Floor & Tunnel Shield II install to the test).  We noticed significantly cooler temperatures in the driver and passenger seating areas (around the engine housing) throughout the entire trip.  We could barely notice high engine RPMs when climbing hills and fans turning on and off in the engine housing.

We highly recommend the DEI Boom Mat Floor & Tunnel Shield II for any one looking to reduce temperatures around the engine housing and significantly reduce engine noise.  Bottom Line: the DEI Boom Mat Floor & Tunnel Shield II is an affordable self-install for anyone with motorhomes, toter-homes, trucks, suvs, passenger vehicles, etc. with priceless results.  It should be a standard upgrade to any motor vehicle.

Upon arriving to a packed house at Thompson Raceway Park (TRP), we instantly received a warm welcome from Jim Curtis and the rest of the TRP staff, along with fans and longtime friends from the drag racing community.  Thompson always has that nostalgic feel to its drag racing facility (an old school / grass roots drag racing experience with a premiere racing surface).


In our two qualifying sessions, we recorded career best 1/8th mile times, the best being a 4.3207 @ 164.70 MPH to qualify us 5th for the event.  We were the fastest carbureted entry on the grounds, not to mention we only run a single carburetor with our engine combination.

First Round

We were paired with long time friend Bill Lehman first round.  Facing the #4 qualifier from the #5 spot would mean the race would be the closest e.t. pairing on the ladder for the event.  Bill qualified with a 4.2260 @ 166.03 - one tenth quicker than our fastest qualifying pass of 4.3207 @ 164.70.  Lining up on the starting line, we knew it was going to take a hole shot at the starting line and another career best e.t. to get the job done.  As the lights flashed our DEI / Ny-Trex dragster planted the best hooking tires on the planet (Mickey Thompson) to the racing surface, and off our dragster went never looking back for the win.  We recorded a 4.2756 @ 165.73 MPH and our first ever sub 1.00 second 60 ft. time with a .996, which had all of the nitrous fans going crazy.  As we towed back in front of the packed grand stands, it was amazing to see all the warm cheers from those in attendance.

Second round

We were down to four dragsters and were facing the #1 qualifier for the event, Paul Molnar and his “supercharged” entry, a spectacle to watch compete in the Asphalt Wars series.  In qualifying, Paul laid down a 3.8426 @ 193.35 MPH.

Preparing for the round, we knew anything was possible.  Regardless of the numbers, there are a variety of factors that could occur which could result in a win for our team.  Lining up in the burnout box, Paul’s team was facing issues in getting their entry started.  We decided not to proceed with our burnout until Paul’s dragster fired.  We wanted to give the fans what they came to see, good clean drag racing and sportsmanship.  Once Paul started his entry, we proceeded with side-by-side burnouts, a great photo opportunity for the fans.  As we put our entries into the staging beams and the lights flashed it was Paul’s entry all the way down the track.  Paul backed up his track and series record of 3.8307 @ 193.55 MPH from the previous round with a 3.8328 @ 190.12 MPH.  We shut our dragster off early, saving it for the next event on our 2011 schedule.

Looking back at the event we had a great time.  Jim Curtis and his staff did an excellent job moving the event along and keeping the track in great shape.  Even though we didn't get the overall win, we got to see many familiar faces that we haven’t seen in years, and help contribute to a memorable experience for those in attendance.  We recorded some solid runs with our dragster and are really looking forward to our return to National Trails Raceway on September 22. 

Event coverage from Asphalt Wars:

Next Event(s)

Next up for Team DEI / Ny-Trex is the completion of the rained out NHRA Lucas Oil Series Event (September 22) from July 22-24 of this season, and the NHRA Jeg’s SportsNationals (September 23-25) at National Trails Raceway (Columbus, Ohio). 

NHRA Lucas Oil Series Event:
We are qualified for the event.  We will get one test session at 11:30 AM and will be meeting Rob Moser at 1:30 PM for first round of Top Dragster.  We had a great weekend back in July at the event, and are really looking forward to carrying our momentum to the winner's circle Thursday evening.

NHRA Jeg’s SportsNationals :
For the event we are going to step-up our nitrous tune-up to ensure we qualify in the top third of the 32 car field for the race.  Last year the bump spot (for this event) was in the 6.70 range.  With our second stage of Ny-Trex nitrous and the great numbers we recorded at Thompson a few weeks back, we are looking to be somewhere in the low 6.60 to high 6.50 range.  We hope to have another strong outing at Columbus and be a contender for the title on Sunday.  This is a rare opportunity to get two Wally's in one weekend...

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See you in Columbus...
The Martinos

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