All 2 seat models 2011-2017 Blocks heat build up in the cockpit area Reduces engine noise & vibration Adhesive backed & precision cut No modifications are needed for installation
Batteries are very susceptible to heat and vibration that could cause premature failure and hazardous leaks. Cell Saver™ is very capable of damping vibration and will absorb and neutralize any damaging leaky battery acids. Cell Saver™ is easy...
Chill Charger for water-to-air intercoolers maximizes thermal transfer to lower air intake temperatures while also protecting core corrosion, electrolysis and harmful mineral build up. By effectively transferring water that circulates through the...
Cool Cover is designed to prevent air tubes from becoming heat sinks. Made of heat treated glass fiber with a reflective coating, Cool Cover will reflect radiant heat from air tubes and promotes a cooler, denser, more powerful air charge. With a unique...
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As low as $19.16
Cool Tape™ is a flexible and super strong self-adhesive thermal insulating tape capable of protecting up to 2000°F of radiant heat. Made of one mil aluminized material bonded to a woven glass fiber heat resistant matting, Cool Tape™ is a...
As low as $14.98
Able to reflect continuous heat up to 750°F while offering a quality profession look, Cool Tube Extreme™ is flexible enough to conform to tight bends and provide superior protection against extreme under hood temperatures, weather conditions...
As low as $34.88
Designed to provide the ultimate thermal protection from damaging heat, Cool Tube™ is designed to resist abrasions, contaminates, and condensation. Cool Tube™ is covered with a heat resistant glass fiber fabric and pre-slit lengthwise...
Prevents over heating of engine oil. Shields the oil cooler and filter that are very close to the exhaust.
Prevents over heating of engine oil. Custom length sleeve is design to cover the oil cooler lines that run very close to the exhaust.
As low as $84.62
A well know and long time problem with many Corvettes is the amount of heat transferred into and through the console. DEI has the solution to dramatically reduce the amount of heat transferred to the Corvette C5 and C6 Transmission Tunnel Reinforcement...
Black CryO2 embroidered cap. One size fits all with fabric tuck-in adjustment strap.
As low as $20.95
DEI T-Shirts are available in sizes ranging from small to xx-large. Silk screened with the CryO2 “The Power of Cool” logo, these high quality T-shirts are made of 100% cotton and pre-shrunk.
As low as $494.93
CryO2 is a revolutionary product designed to reduce air and fuel temperatures thus creating power. Through the science of aerodynamics and cryogenics, Design Engineering has developed a system to harness the cryogenic properties of liquid CO2 to lower...
As low as $96.19
The CryO2 Fuel Bar is a billet aluminum extension to the fuel line with a cryogenic chamber. The bar is charged with liquid CO2 and freezes to -80°F. Heat is removed from the fuel as it passes through resulting in a colder denser fuel charge. The...
As low as $35.12
Advanced Thermal-Acoustic insulation designed for under head liners, doors, package trays and other areas. Extremely light weight and pliable D-Mat is the perfect choice for these areas. At only 12MM thick and compressible it can be used under head...
As low as $20.95
DEI T-Shirts are available in sizes ranging from medium to 3X-large. Silk screened with the DEI logo on the front and the slogan "Mine's cooler than yours" on the back. These high quality T-shirts are made from a super comfortable 50% ring spun cotton,...
DEI Logo Cap - Black - One Size fits All
Protects Dynamometer tie-down straps from burn-through caused by hot exhaust systems and gas.
Help protect your hearing from damaging loud noises