Safety is always a high priority, weather it's arm sleeves to protect from burns, Safety glasses to protect your eyes or Ear plugs for your hearing, Design Engineering delivers.

Protects Dynamometer tie-down straps from burn-through caused by exhaust exit heat Made of a hi-temp resistant aluminized mylar material Withstands 500°F direct / 2000°F radiant heat Easily slips over dyno tie down straps 36" long x 5"...
Help protect your hearing from damaging loud noises
As low as $61.54
In Go-Kart racing the racer's arm can be in close proximity to the engine and exhaust. The heat alone from the exhaust can be uncomfortable for drivers. To reduce the potential risk of burns, thermal specialists, DEI, now offers added protection with its...
Protection from hot brake drums and rotors Prevents potential of serious burns or cuts Aluminized mylar adhered to glass fiber matting Withstands 2000°F radiant / 500°F of direct continuous heat Protection against dirt, dust & airborne...
Protective eyewear, ear plugs and sleeving. Kit Includes: Safety Glasses Wrap-around style 100% UV protection Scratch resistant clear lenses Ear Plugs Single-size fits all Noise Reduction Rating of 25 dB Attached with a breakaway cord Safety Sleeve (18”)...
As low as $11.35
Black-frames with impact resistant lenses, wrap-around style protective eyewear meets ANSI Z87 general purpose requirements offering 100% UV protection, scratch resistant and available in three different color lenses.
As low as $17.47
Protects your arms from burns while working near hot surfaces