Safety is always a high priority, weather it's arm sleeves to protect from burns, Safety glasses to protect your eyes or Ear plugs for your hearing, Design Engineering delivers.

Protects Dynamometer tie-down straps from burn-through caused by hot exhaust systems and gas.
Help protect your hearing from damaging loud noises
As low as $61.54
Keep your arm cool and prevent burning your driving suit will racing your Go-Kart. Heat Reflective arm band slips over your driving suit to reflect unwanted heat from your Go-Kart exhaust and engine away from your arm.
Protection from hot brake drums and rotors.
Protective eyewear, ear plugs and sleeving. Kit Includes: Safety Glasses Wrap-around style 100% UV protection Scratch resistant clear lenses Ear Plugs Single-size fits all Noise Reduction Rating of 25 dB Attached with a breakaway cord Safety Sleeve (18”)...
As low as $11.35
Black-frames with impact resistant lenses, wrap-around style protective eyewear meets ANSI Z87 general purpose requirements offering 100% UV protection, scratch resistant and available in three different color lenses.
As low as $17.47
Protects your arms from burns while working near hot surfaces