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    The Inaugural DEI Cruise In took place over Father's Day Weekend and was a great success. We'd like to thank everyone that came out to support the event and invite everyone to check out the photos on or website and at Facebook.
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    The DEI channel on YouTube is the perfect place to learn installation techniques, tech tips and more information about the ever growing line of products from Design Engineering, Inc.
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    DEI sponsored Hot Rodders of Tomorrow team to compete in engine challenge Semi-Finals at SEMA in Las Vegas November 3-5.
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    DEI's new full color catalog is packed with 48 pages of tested and proven thermal acoustic performance products with the flagship brands enthusiasts have learned to trust for quality and performance.
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    Check out the photo album follow the DEI Project Camaro from start to finish.
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    The importance of grassroots marketing can never be underestimated. Design Engineering continues it's efforts of supporting local, national and international racer, project and show vehicle owners....
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Charlie Schultz: 2010 MSA Champion

Saving the best for last, we are very excited to inform you that #7 Charlie Schultz of May Motorsports has been declared the MSA Supermodified Champion for 2010.  Our final race was scheduled for this past Saturday night at Lorain County Speedway, unfortunately bad weather prevented us from racing.  Similar to a green, white, checker or a race called halfway and the winner declared.

Charlie Schultz of May Motorsports is the 2010 MSA Champion

Our racing organization implemented a new points system for 2010.  Qualifying, Heat and Feature Finishes were all used.  It was a close battle as you can see, but Charlie successfully emerged as the top contender and Tim Ice placing 4th,  only 3 points away from 3rd place.

Samantha Whitfield's Hot HD F-150 Build

UPDATED SEPT 13: Unfortunately our concerns of weak head gaskets were verified once truck was on the dyno and making boost. For the street tune on pump gas the truck made 650rwhp on 16lbs of boost. We called it a day once we realized it couldn't handle boost without pressurizing the coolant system. Still decent results on blown head gaskets!!!

Rick Erdman came out for a few days and was extremely helpful and a real genuine great person. We are going to pull the motor and while replacing the head gaskets we will use that as good time to replace the JE pistons with Diamond pistons (ceramic coated) and replace the Eagle rods with Oliver or Manley. That way the truck will handle the power we want to make with confidence and might as well push for 1000hp...

Eden High School's Chopper Class: A Successful Year

Eden Chopper Class 2009-2010The 2009/2010 school year has ended and so has the 3rd year of the Eden High School Chopper Class. View the original article "DEI Sponsors Eden High School's Chopper Class" here. To recap and fill us in on the progress of his successful program, Steve Jones (Teacher) was kind enough to provide us with lots of photos, video and a note:

Dear DEI,

For the last three years my students at Eden Jr/Sr High School have researched, designed and fabricated V-twin motorcycles. The students who participate in the program/process gain a real world understanding and skills that simply could never be achieved using simulations or models and instructiona/reinforcement tools...

University of Wisconsin Formula SAE Racing

UW finished 1st at MIS in 2007The Formula SAE competition is a premier collegiate engineering competition which allows students to apply their engineering principals in the design and manufacturing of a prototype racecar. The students must test the vehicle to determine which improvements will make the car faster, more maneuverable, or more responsive. Historically, these students have shown the fastest advancement in this country’s leading companies. In return, these companies support this project and leverage its graduates.

Members of the Wisconsin Racing team gain depth in their engineering knowledge while applying it to a practical application. Students exhibit a high level of dedication as they juggle their responsibilities to the team with an intense engineering course load. Although members are given the option to receive credit for their work, the time and effort they put in makes it evident that they are passionate about what they do.

El Marinero Borracho

El Marinero BorrachoThe showbike "El Marinero Borracho" is the creation of Christian de Kant of DK Motorrad. Born out of his passion for Japanese bike culture and the spanish language, this bike is loud, low, and fast! It took Christian 6 months to complete El Marinero Borracho. "Over here in Switzerland building a custom bike is very slow." he says, "Cool parts are hard to find and local shops hardly have anything in stock."

Christian says his addiction with vintage Harleys started in high school. Born in Germany but going on 10 years in Switzerland, Christian has been building bikes since the age of 16. Past projects include a 47 WLa 71 rigid ironhead and couple of newer Harleys.

Multiple future projects are in the works including a 71 shovel and a 47 Knuck.