Power in a Bottle - Installing Ny-Trex Big-Diesel

Power in a Bottle
Installing the New Ny-Trex Big-Diesel Nitrous Oxide System
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Nearly every diesel enthusiast wants more power from his or her truck, and when It comes to bang-for-the-buck performance improvements, the installation of a nitrous oxide injection system is hard to beat. Once you've added the intake. programmer and exhaust, there's still plenty more power on the table with an NOS system.

Diesel enthusiast Cody Shipley, of Jonesborough, Tennessee, uses his bright-red '00 crew cab Chevy truck as a daily driver. But he's also hooked (pun intended) on sled pulling and drag racing. While most sanctioning bodies do not allow the use of nitrous oxide in sled pulling, it is warmly welcomed on the drag strip.

Power in a Bottle - Ny-Trex Nitrous Diesel System Install

Ny-Trex, a division of Design Engineering, Inc., is the latest manufacturer to offer diesel-specific nitrous oxide systems. The Big-Diesel dry nitrous systems from Ny-Trex are available with or without the Cry02 intercooler spray purge system.

Power in a Bottle - Ny-Trex Nitrous Diesel System Install

The Ny-Trex Big Diesel system comes with everything needed to install the system on your diesel truck. Shipley chose the system with the Cry02 purge intercooler spray, as well as the Accu-Pressure bottle heater.

This company also offers a large complement of accessories, including the Accu-Pressure bottle heater that uses a Mica-Band heating element capable of heating the bottle in half the time of a traditional silicone blanket-type bottle heater, according to Ny-Trex. The metal band is slim and allows the gloss-black Ny-Trex bottle to be seen in all its glory.

For the installation on Shipley's Duramax, we used the Ny-Trex Big-Diesel system with the Cry02 purge, as well as an Accu-Pressure bottle heater, to get the most out of the laughing gas. The bottle heater uses a transducer that threads into the bottle below the valve to monitor bottle pressure. It must be installed in the bottle valve assembly before the bottle is filled. If you fill the bottle first, you will waste a full bottle of nitrous installing the transducer and then have to refill it again before you can use the system.

Shipley chose to install the bottle in the aluminum diamondplate box located in the bed of his truck to protect it from prying eyes, as well as the elements. He already had an All Season Diesel Performance intake bridge and boost tube with predrilled, 1/8-inch NPT bungs to install the nitrous nozzle, but the Ny-Trex kit comes with a nozzle-adaptor fitting to simplify the installation if you do not have additional bungs handy. The system is offered with 50-, 75-, 100- and 125- horse jets.

Power in a Bottle - Ny-Trex Nitrous Diesel System Install

Drake Walsh sets the bottle and mounts into the box to determine and mark the mounting positions.

The kit also includes all the wiring and hoses necessary for the installation. This includes enough nitrous feed line to mount the bottle in the driver's side of the bed, route the line under the chassis to the engine bay and then send it over to the passenger side of the engine bay, where the solenoids are mounted.

RPM Offroad's Drake Walsh performed the installation, starting with mounting the tank in the bed of the truck before moving on to the front of the truck to install the Cry02 purge bar and solenoids. The kit comes with metal straps to mount the purge bar to the intercooler, but he chose to sandwich it between the intercooler and the AC condenser on the inlet side of the intercooler. This will provide a maximum cooling effect when the system is purged. Walsh used short sections of rubber hose to cushion the Cry02 and slightly longer bolts to secure the AC condenser.

To mount the purge solenoid, Walsh used the included mounting bracket, but for the main nitrous solenoid, he fabricated a custom bracket to position the solenoid exactly where he wanted it. The Ny-Trex system is activated by a micro switch that needs to be installed on the throttle pedal assembly to activate at wideopen throttle.

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