"Fast Eddie" Schartman: One Cool Customer

"Fast Eddie" Schartman was a true pioneer of Funny Car Drag Racing back in the ‘60’s when the sport was just getting off the ground.  Still involved heavily with cars, owning dealerships and parts stores he takes it a little slower now…and a little more comfortable.  Example: This beautiful '34 Vicky has all the features you’d find in a luxury car today plus the best flame job I’ve seen in a long time. 

When Eddie completed the car it was running a little hot as sometimes happens when you squeeze a big horsepower engine into a small compartment.  He came to Design Engineering looking for an answer and we introduced him to Radiator Relief.  Problem solved.  He was able to reduce the operating temperature by 20 degrees which was perfect for him.  But what he really appreciated was how the temps stay down even when sitting in registration line at the big car shows.  Sitting in line with no air flow in the summer heat can literally kill an engine but since Radiator Relief transfers that heat at a much more efficient rate those long lines are no longer a problem even with the a/c on!

» Sitting in a big car show registration line in the summer heat with no air flow can kill an engine. But with Radiator Relief it was no problem! «