Eden High School's Chopper Class: A Successful Year

Eden Chopper Class 2009-2010The 2009/2010 school year has ended and so has the 3rd year of the Eden High School Chopper Class. View the original article "DEI Sponsors Eden High School's Chopper Class" here. To recap and fill us in on the progress of his successful program, Steve Jones (Teacher) was kind enough to provide us with lots of photos, video and a note:

June 30, 2010

Dear DEI,

For the last three years my students at Eden Jr/Sr High School have researched, designed and fabricated V-twin motorcycles. The students who participate in the program/process gain a real world understanding and skills that simply could never be achieved using simulations or models and instructiona/reinforcement tools. From the moment we contacted your organization about this years build, Design Engineering Inc. has been unconditionally supportive. The superior heat wrapping products that Design Engineering Inc. donated to my students and the program for this years build were critical to its success and continued growth.

This year's student build won the first place Overall Winner award at the Donnie Smith Chopper Class Challenge in Saint Paul, Minnesota. This is a temendous honor but it is not the primary goal of the program. Our primary objective is for each participating student to achieve true technical literacy and advanced problem solving skills before they graduate. These objectives are being achieved. All of the seniors who participated in the program and graduated this year are attending colleges/universities or careers that revolve around the technical arts.

Design Engineering Inc. has directly contributed to the overall well-being and future of each of my chopper class students. The class/clubs financial situation would not allow us to purchase your awesome exhaust and plug wire wrapping products, and therefore complete my students' vision for their bike. With your assistance and generosity they have been given the supplies that are required to build the designs their minds create. For that opportunity I am forever grateful. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Steve Jones
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